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About Us & History

In 1954 two Dutch immigrants, Johannes La Grouw and Johannes Van Loghem, formed one of New Zealand’s most successful housing enterprises “Lockwood Homes”. 

La Grouw’s & Van Loghem’s vision had been to design prefabricated timber houses with interlocking components, which could be assembled quickly & efficiently. These concepts were revolutionary within the building industry in 1950s New Zealand. 

The firm was able to expand the business rapidly and take advantage of the post-war building boom in New Zealand, which enabled many New Zealanders to become the proud owners of a Lockwood home.

The first Lockwood homes were constructed in 1954. The first house was built for Doctor Morrow of Auckland. It was a fishing bach on the Waiteti Stream, Ngongotaha, Rotorua. This house still stands on its original site. During the latter part of 1954 Jo La Grouw and his sons constructed their family home on Tarawera Road, Rotorua, and Jo and his wife Gonda resided at this address for 51 years. 

Lockwood has operated in New Zealand for over 60 years. During this period it has developed into a company recognised internationally for quality and innovation. 

Since the very beginning the aim of Lockwood has been to achieve versatility within its designs. It still continues to be a progressive housing company in both the domestic and commercial markets. Initially standard plans were a feature of its success but as it grew they ensured that it remained flexible in the planning process.

With its patented construction and solid wood materials, coupled with its low-maintenance quality, a Lockwood house is a smart choice for your home; yet it does more than just provide shelter. A Lockwood home encapsulates a lifetime of shared experiences that will last as long as the house itself.