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Lockwood new home plans

Our range of modern new home plans are customisable and sustainable new home solutions designed for New Zealand conditions. From small home designs through to luxury home plans, it’s all possible when you design and build a home with Lockwood.



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To view our design gallery for inspiration and great design concepts click here.


If you prefer the convenience and quick delivery of an existing house plan, Lockwood offers one of the widest selections of unique home styles and floor plans. You can personalise your favourite plan to suit your specific requirements – this can save time and produce a home better than you ever imagined! Alternatively, you can bring your own new home ideas and together we can design a house just for you.


Modern home plans

Building from an existing home plan is a great solution if you prefer convenience and a quick delivery time. Lockwood has an extensive range of contemporary home designs to choose from. These include single-storey, double-storey and split-level options, as well as a variety of floor plan configurations.

Each of our modern home plans is upgradable and can be customised to meet your requirements, with a range of contemporary interior options to suit your design preferences. Many of our plans are also available with hipped roofing and flat ceilings as an entry-level version, with upgrades to full sarked ceilings and high clerestories as optional items.


Design and build a home

There’s very little you can’t change about an existing Lockwood house plan, however if you wish to go one step further and create a unique plan just for you, we can help you design a house with our design and build option.

Whether you wish to use one of our plans as a point of departure or you know exactly what you want, our design team will make your dream home a reality.


Search our home plans

You can use our Plan Search tool to find house plans that match your requirements. It’s easy to find plans - simply specify how many square metres you require, as well as the number of storeys, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges and garages.

Alternatively, you can browse through all the plans. You’ll find both standard entry level and upgraded versions of our house plans, as well as information about key features and a helpful floor plan for each.


Quality home design

All of our house plans benefit from the unique Lockwood jointing system. This exclusive building process results in strong, earthquake-resistant structures. No matter which Lockwood home plan you choose, you’ll be getting a durable, quality home designed to last.

Our homes are warm, dry and comfortable in all seasons. They’re also energy-efficient. Much less energy is required to heat and cool Lockwood homes due to their solid-wood construction. Combined with the organic air-conditioning qualities of solid wood, that means lower power bills and a more comfortable home. See our System at a glance video on our website.


Lockwood show homes

To experience our contemporary home designs for yourself, visit your local Lockwood show home, or our National Show Village in Rotorua. Contact us for more information about building a new home with Lockwood. Or visit our videos page for virtual tours from the comfort of your living room.