Meet the team



Joe La Grouw - CEO

Joe La Grouw has Lockwood running through his veins. Son of co-founder, Jo La Grouw Snr, Joe has been connected to the company for much of his life, from working in the drawing office after school in his younger days, to being one of the most successful franchisees in Auckland for a number of years.  Joe remains passionate about the product, our brand, our people, our clients, and about keeping Lockwood fresh and vibrant in a dynamic housing market. He recently returned to a managing role, and is focused on strategically leading the team to continually deliver service excellence and innovative design, in the marketplace.

 Andrew La Grouw - Sales Director

Andrew la Grouw is the grandson of the founder of Lockwood, Jo la Grouw Snr, and joined the Lockwood executive team at Head Office in 2016 in this business development role. 

Andrew has worked for Lockwood Group for many years in our regional offices in Auckland and Christchurch before running the successful Lockwood Nelson Franchise for 8 years.  


John Ruland - Finance Manager

John holds a management degree from the University of Waikato, and in 1983 he became a member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants. He held a number of accountancy positions in Wellington and Hamilton before joining Lockwood in 1985. He has been finance manager for the Lockwood Group since 1986 and in 1987 also took over the role of company secretary.


David Macfarlane - Technical Manager

David's career has spanned more than 40 years in the production and drawing environment and he has gained extensive drawing office management experience in this time. Detailed and in-depth knowledge of the development of the Lockwood system, makes him our go-to man for technical and quality issues. David recently headed the team up which undertook to gain CodeMark status for our building system.


David Hutchings - Production Manager

Dave has been with Lockwood for 30 years in Supervisory and Management roles. Dave is accountable for the production, purchasing and logistics operations within the Manufacturing Plant. With his depth of product knowledge and quality systems in place, Dave and his team take great pride in the handcrafting and delivery of each beautiful new Lockwood Home.


Vicki Jessop - Marketing Manager

Vicki joined Lockwood in August 2012, bringing with her 18 years of marketing, branding, communications and sales expertise. Her wealth of experience has been gained in several sectors, including construction, manufacturing, higher education, employment services, PR and eventing. Her role at Lockwood incorporates head office strategy and roll out with national network marketing alignment, as well as client service excellence.