Sculleries - a popular choice

Sculleries - a popular choice

Author: Lockwood/Thursday, March 30, 2017/Categories: Tips for planning and building a new home

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In todays open plan living environments, where social spaces are celebrated, the scullery is becoming a very popular choice where the hard work can take place and messes are made out of eyesight.

If you are considering including a scullery in your design, which is in essence a second kitchen space, here are some elements to consider:

  • If your household does one big shop then a scullery is a great storage facility for groceries
  • If you are cook who enjoys a good preparation area, then include bench tops that allow for ample working area
  • Remember to include generous plug points, as the scullery is the perfect place to use gadgets and appliances like mixers, blenders etc
  • Consider placing your dishwasher in your scullery area or alternatively, having a single dish draw in in the kitchen proper and a second in the scullery.
  • Often a scullery is used for soaking dishes, so consider including a large butlers sink for soaking pots and pans. Its great to be able to close off that space from view.
  • Another element to consider is the clever use of slide out drawers that are vertically aligned. Pull out pantries are very functional and excellent for viewing essentials at a glance, like spices, sauces, packets and bottles.
  • A mix of display shelves for showing off those labelled bottles or statement serving pieces is great to combine with functional drawers at a lower level, for those other less attractive kitchen staples.
  • Many plans are easily altered to incorporate a scullery.  One of the popular ideas is to have the previous laundry area function as a scullery instead. Talk to your designer about opportunities for incorporating one.
  • Ensure you have allowed for good lighting
Sculleries were regarded as old fashioned spaces and were previously know as Butler’s Pantries. In America they are often referred to as utility rooms.  Take a look through these modern scullery ideas and see how they can enhance an open plan home environment.

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