Mother Farm Dome - Kimitsu, Japan

The largest Lockwood building in the world is the home of a farm show complex near Kimitsu, about 100km from Tokyo, Japan. The 1800m2 building is modelled on the Agrodome, a farm show demonstration centre, which is a hugely successful tourist attraction in Rotorua. The dome forms part of a living demonstration farm experience called Mother Farm. The owner of Mother Farm had visited NZ and was very impressed with the success which farm shows enjoy here especially with Asian visitors who have very little contact with farm animals and operations in their own countries.

The Japanese complex seats 1600 people and includes a staging and performance area for sheep handling, farm dogs, milking and shearing demonstrations. Popular with Japanese city dwellers, Mother Farm is easily accessible by train and provides a taste of the country life. 

Several years of dedicated effort went into convincing Japanese regulatory authorities that the Lockwood solid timber construction system is capable of exceeding building standards anywhere in the world. NZ’s ambassador to Japan and Trade NZ played a major role in paving the way to this successful contract.
The building the geodesic dome structure demonstrates the versatility of Lockwood construction and allows a large audience to have a view unimpeded by supporting pillars. 

The 444m3 of Lockwood components were delivered to the remote site in 19 shipping containers to build this 1600 seating capacity arena.