Information for existing Lockwood home owners

We have been building solid timber homes in New Zealand and around the world for over 60 years. Over this time, the way we build has remained the same, with our patented aluminium profiles locking tongue and groove boards together to create durable, strong, low maintenance homes. While the basis of our proven construction system has stayed, many improvements have also been made to make Lockwood homes what they are today, warm, quiet and modern while maintaining the strength and durability our homes are famous for.

Caring for the exterior of your home

Due to the nature of the materials in a Lockwood, they are very low maintenance homes. But maintenance and care of your investment are two different things. We would recommend regular washing and cleaning down of aluminium exterior walls and joinery to remove pollutants such as moss, mould, sea salt spray, and industrial contaminants, etc. If your Lockwood has cedar or VG Pine cladding, this will require regular painting or staining. We recommend using paint or stain colours with a light reflective value of 48% or higher as dark colours on timber exterior surfaces can result in excessive heat absorption causing undesirable timber movement. 

CLICK HERE for more information on painting the exterior of your Lockwood Homes. 

Insulation in your older Lockwood home 

In a modern Lockwood home, the 107mm exterior walls feature high density foam insulation, sandwiched between solid timber. This gives the Lockwood wall system an R value of 2.1, higher than the required level of insulation by today's building standards. In Lockwood homes built prior to 1996, the exterior board will be 62mm thick solid timber. The ceiling and floor in these homes will have been insulated to the level required by building standards at the time.  

CLICK HERE for more information on retrofitting insulation in an older Lockwood home. 

Updating the interior of a Lockwood

There are many ways to update the interior of your Lockwood and create a modern, fresh look, unique to you! See our Interior Options Galleries for inspiration on updating and renovating older Lockwood homes. 

A popular finish in modern Lockwood homes is the Blonded look where a stain is applied to the interior timber to give it a light, scandi feel. You can also give an older Lockwood the blonding treatment. The product used in this process is a Timberkote product called "Lockwood Blond" which is applied by brush and often ragged-off to give an even finish. Any painter can apply this for you if you don't want to DIY.

CLICK HERE for a step by step DIY guide to blonding an older Lockwood.

Caring for your Joinery 

Nulook Joinery have produced a series of videos to assist you with minor with tweaks or adjustments that may be required to keep your joinery in the best working order. CLICK HERE to view. 

Further Information

For further information, please download our Free Maintenance Guide or for inspiration on updating your Lockwood, download our free New Home Inspiration brochure